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Visited [livejournal.com profile] kotturinn  with [livejournal.com profile] doire and c yesterday. We were treated to a lovely meal and entertained by the cat before heading out to the nearby chalk pits on the look out for glow worms.

I had never seen a glow worm in the flesh before this and had no idea what I should be looking for so spent the first half hour or so peering at nothing in particular; it's surprising how bright lumps of chalk can look by moonlight! [livejournal.com profile] doire spotted the first bona fide one, half way up a cliff wall and inconveniently out of photographic range, and by the end of the (very late) night we'd seen about eight.

Glow worm by its own light. This was taken with a 20 second exposure so it's a good job they sit still...

Adjusted brightness:

Had to get down on my knees in the undergrowth and lay the tripod on its side for these... oh, how wet we got!

Adjusted brightness:

Adjusted brightness. This was the second of the night, found clinging to stem of a leaf. I was still playing around with exposure time and focus (30 seconds partial zoom from tripod) at this point and this was lucky shot more than any thing.

My attempt to photograph the first glow worm of the night:

A surprisingly accurate depiction of a glow worm as seen from a distance... well the colour is right.
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