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Happy birthday [info]doire

Title: Paperwork and Revelations
Rating: PG13
Characters: Genma/Kakashi
Word Count: 2246
Warnings: Mild swearing. Bit of a rushed job.
Notes: For [info]doire, because I can (if livejournal's rich text editor will let me!(Rarr! Damn you livejournal! Why do you hate me?)).


A loud knocking woke Genma. He glanced at the clock, it was just 2:56. There was only one person likely to drop by in the middle of the night, he thought as he rolled out of bed, and Kakashi had never felt the need to knock before. He grabbed his forehead protector from the nightstand and tied it over unbrushed hair. No, Kakashi was far more likely to just climb in through the window and maybe apologise for disabling his traps, than do anything as sensible as knock.

"I'm coming," Genma called as the knocking started up again, more insistently this time. He flipped the kitchen light on and slipped into a pair of sandals. "I swear, if that's you Raidou," he said, unlocking the door, "you can just-"

Four Anbu stood outside, their porcelain masks eerily reflecting the dim light from the kitchen.

"Genma-san?" the the leader asked formally.

Genma glared in return. He'd known Baboon for years, sponsored his application even, and now the idiot was waking him up in the middle of the night to ask what his name was.

"Genma-san," Baboon said, his voice even more serious than before, a stark contrast to the almost cheery smile on his mask. "We have been charged by the Hokage's office to inform you that Hatake-san-"

Genma lent heavily against the door frame. He knew this speech, he'd given this speech. They called it a professional courtesy. That may have been part of it, but it was actually a precaution, in case he took the news... badly. Jounin and Anbu, even ex-Anbu, had a reputation for instability; a well earned reputation if he was honest.

"You're wrong," he said abruptly.

Baboon stopped speaking and the Anbu, as one, tilted their heads to the side, listening.

"Kakashi can't... I mean why..." They'd only ever been screwing around, hadn't they? This was a mistake, they shouldn't even have been here. "You're wrong," he repeated quietly, suddenly feeling quite foolish. How many times had he heard people say exactly that?

The Anbu stared at him. "We have been charged," Baboon began again.

So Genma simply stopped listening, screwed his eyes shut as if they'd give up and go away. Why were they at his door at three in the morning, anyway? He knew Kakashi cared, well he'd always assumed Kakashi cared. Assumed Kakashi knew how he felt, too. Kakashi, however, had never given much real indication that what they had was anything more than casual. Had he? Did turning up at odd hours count? Just dropping by and letting himself in? He was always there on the days Genma got back from missions, though, waiting impatiently if he was late. That was just Kakashi.

As epiphanies went, Genma noted, the timing really sucked.


Genma opened his eyes at Babbon's slip to see that all of the squad had taken a step back, dropping into subtle battle stances. He smiled, in a detached sort of way, at the idea that someone thought he warranted an entire squad.

Genma straightened up and watched as Toad made a slight a move towards his blade. "I want to see him," he said simply.


"Now," he interrupted dangerously.


Genma lent against the clean hospital wall and watched a moth repeatedly bump into the overhead light. His escort, just Baboon and his lieutenant now, stood on the opposite side of the corridor, observing him quietly. He sighed and rubbed the heel of his hand against his eyes.

They'd told him, once he'd been willing to listen, that the Hokage had insisted on talking to him herself. Which made things much simpler; he was a ninja and his Hokage wanted him, everything else would wait. Only when they'd arrived at the hospital a polite nurse had told Genma that the Hokage couldn't see him. That, and Kakashi's condition had been upgraded from dead to merely dying. There had followed a lot of apologies and talk of mixed messages and other explanations that he hadn't really listened to.

He looked up, the moth was still at it.

There was a sudden commotion from the far end of the corridor, the sound of several people all talking at once, and Genma could clearly make out the Hokage's voice above all the others. He straightened slightly, pushing himself away from the wall, and tried to look as professional as he could in a pair of ratty old sweatpants and with too little sleep. He couldn't have done all that well, he realised, because as soon as Tsunade came into sight she decended swiftly on Genma, only sparring a brief glance at the Anbu as she strode past.

"He's not dead," she said matter-of-factly.

Genma dropped his head to his chest and felt like laughing. Or crying. He'd spent the last few hours thinking Kakashi was dead, or about to die, and everything was suddenly too much. He tried to calm down, acutely aware that the Hokage was standing a few feet from him.

"He's an idiot, though," Tsunade added, graciously ignoring his small breakdown.

"I know," Genma replied, rubbing at his eyes and grinning slightly.

"Yes, I suppose you would." She stared, assessing him carefully, for a few seconds before nodding to Genma's hand. "What happened?"

Genma blinked at the non-sequitor and glanced down at his grazed knuckles as if noticing the injury for the first time. "I punched one of your Anbu," he said after a moment.

Tsunade eyed him critically.

"He was telegraphing his moves," Genma added.

"I'm sure he was, Shiranui-san," the Hokage said easily, waving a nurse over. "Fetch some gauze," she told the young woman. "And then show Shiranui-san to Hatake's room." She turned back to Genma. "He lost a lot of blood," she said, signing a form another of the nurses had handed her as the group surrounding the Hokage tried, once more, to get her attention. "And used most of his chakra."

Genma nodded in understanding, as if any input from him was necessary.

"The brat's lucky to be alive," Tsunade sighed, "And I'm too tired to deal with him now. He's all yours." She nodded to him before walking away, the Anbu dropping into position behind, leaving Genma alone in the corridor.

He slumped back, the metal plate of his forehead protector knocking against the wall loudly, and exhaled shakily.


It was like every other hospital room Genma had ever been in and Kakashi looked exactly as he'd expected him to; pale and washed out against the crisp white linen. The only thing with any colour was the complex calligraphy on the paper holding the sharingan eye closed, the inked script flowing over the seal and down onto his cheek. That and the bottle of blood hanging from the IV stand.

Genma pulled one of the chairs away from the wall and sat down next to the bed, unsure what to do with himself. He ran the thumb along a tear in his sweatpants and wonder what the hell he was doing. He just wanted to go home, crawl into first bottle of Shouchuu he could find and come back when there was a chance Kakashi could tell he was there.

"Jounin-san?" The nurse looked at him sympathetically, nervously clutching a clipboard to her chest. She was probably new. "Someone needs to fill out a..." She glanced at the clipboard, definitely new. "a D3... Er, mission injury incident report?"

"It was a solo mission," he said, turning back to bed. He watched Kakashi's chest rise and fall slowly as the nurse hovered in his peripheral vision. He glanced at her and took in the blank expression. "I wasn't there."


Genma rubbed a hand over his face, before lifting his head and smiling at her, she was quite pretty after all. "Don't worry," he said, trying to sound more friendly as he reached for the clipboard "I'll do it." One mission injury incident report was much like another, after all, and it would be something to do.

The nurse smiled back tentatively and handed him the paperwork before scurrying hurriedly from the room. It would be okay, he thought, if he didn't have to deal with any of the nursing staff. They all kept looking at him with big sympathetic eyes, it was unnerving, like they expected him to suddenly start crying.

Genma uncliped the pen, tapping it against his teeth for a few seconds before starting to chew on it thoughtfully. He flipped through the papers, already sure of what he'd find. Near the back, filled out in Kakashi's lazy scrawl, was a copy of a C23 form; registration and notification of spouses and dependants. He'd even faked Genma's signature. It was probably Kakashi's screwed up idea of romantic.

Genma looked up at the bed, Kakashi was still sleeping.

He turned his attention back to the paperwork, and started on the D3. He didn't have all the information on what had happened to Kakashi, probably never would, but all injury incident forms read the same way, anyway. Unforeseen circumstances; unavoidable action; referrals to an, as yet, unwritten mission report; blah, blah, blah. Once he'd done as much as he could, and signed his own name, he set the clipboard down on his lap and turned back to Kakashi.

A single eye peered back at him.

"You're an asshole," he said, realising Kakashi was actually awake.

Kakashi smiled. "Hello."

"Oh, shut up," Genma muttered, leaning back in the uncomfortable hospital chair. "I'm not talking to you."

Kakashi raised an eyebrow at the lie. "Oh?"

Genma managed to keep quiet for a moment, staring fiercely at Kakashi, who gazed back at him calmly. He sighed and slipped the pen back between his teeth. "What kind of idiot runs out of chakra and ends up getting stuck like a pig on a simple A rank mission, anyway?" he asked at last, keeping the conversation light.

"There were unforeseen circumstances," Kakashi replied calmly, and it took Genma a moment to realised that Kakashi had just read it off the form rested on his knee.


"And that's why you're angry?" Kakashi asked.

Genma rolled the pen to the corner of his mouth. "You know why."

Kakashi was the picture of innocence.

Genma narrowed his eyes slightly before searching though the papers he was holding. Finding the one he was looking for he thrust it in Kakashi's face.

"Mmmh," Kakashi began as he took the form, the slight shaking of his hand betraying just how weak he currently was as he carefully read it. "It seems that we're married," he said at last.

"I don't remember signing it," Genma countered.

"Really? It's right here," Kakashi replied helpfully, pointing to Genma's signature on the paper.

Genma snatched the form from Kakashi's hand, slamming it back down with the others.

"So," Kakashi drawled. "That's why you're angry."

"Of course it is."

"But you do like me?" Kakashi asked.

"Of course I do," Genma sighed, taking the pen from his mouth and twirling it between his fingers at the confession. "Do you think I'd be here to shout at you if I didn't?" He didn't give Kakashi time to even open his mouth before continuing, "And what would have happened if you'd died?"


"Your plan," Genma said, not waiting for Kakashi to finish, "was for me to find out that you actually lo- cared after you'd been stupid enough to get yourself killed?"

"Well," Kakashi tried again, pausing to see if Genma would interrupt him. "We would have avoided this sort of awkward conversation."

Genma stared at Kakashi. "You stupid, arrogant, bastard," he swore, throwing the pen at the wall and knocking his chair over as he stood up. The papers that he'd been holding scattering to the floor. "Is this just a joke to you?"

The door slid open suddenly and a concerned nurse looked in. "Jounin-san!" she exclaimed anxiously at the sight of the room as she bustled in, giving Genma a harsh look. It was much more comforting than the sympathy, he noted.

Genma stepped away from the bed as Kakashi tried to reach out to him, pushing himself up unsteadily.

"Hatake-sama," the nurse fussed, easily pushing Kakashi back down.

He turned turned away from the bed, moving further out of Kakashi's reach.


"Genma," Genma interrupted tiredly, pulling the biro out of the wall and looking back to Kakashi. "You've already filled out all the paperwork. She's almost certainly read it," he added, nodding to the nurse. "So she already knows we're fucking." Everyone must know by now, he realised, how typical that he would be the last to find out that he was dating Kakashi. "I think you can drop the damn honorific."

The nurse, blushing terribly by then, hurriedly gathered up the fallen paperwork and fled from the room; both men ignored her.

"Genma," Kakashi tried again, breathing heavily from his exertions. "It's not a joke."

Genma righted the chair and sat down heavily. "I know."

Kakashi watched him carefully for a moment. "I'm sorry you're upset."

"Of course you are," Genma snorted. "Not actually sorry about what you did, though."

Kakashi just smiled at him.

"I really don't like you sometimes."

"You like me," Kakashi countered confidently, his eye slipping closed.

"You're an arrogant, pigheaded, manipulative, bastard," Genma replied before he realised Kakashi had fallen asleep. He lent closer to the bed. "And heaven help me, but I do."

The End.

Here's an extra little snippet of something I'm putting off while I tackle my yuletide fic... just so I don't abandon it:


He let her pull his forehead protector up; the sharingan spinning wildly as she checked his eyes.

"So what are you seeing?" Tsunade asked as she manhandled his head back and forth.

He couldn't look at her as he answered. "Obito."

She stepped back and looked at him seriously for a moment before sighing and moving towards her desk. "Strip," she ordered, picking up the ink-stone and brush from amongst the paperwork that crowded the desk's surface.

Kakashi breathed out heavily in relief and unzipped his jacket, carefully propping it against one of the chairs in the room, before pulling his shirt up and over his head.

He sat down, bare arms wrapped around his legs, and stared at a point on the floor just to the left of Obito's feet.

"View gate?" he asked when he felt the ink-brush touch his lower back.

"Yes, and shut up," Tsunade replied, pushing his head further forward, "I need to concentrate."

"Hmmm." Kakashi ignored her warning. "You think it's an illusion? I considered that. Let's face it, though, there's a history of mental instability in my family," he added calmly as she continued to ink the intricate pattern of one the most powerful dispelling jutsu onto his skin.

Have a happy birthday... don't have too much cake ;)

Date: 2008-11-12 09:35 pm (UTC)
doire: (Default)
From: [personal profile] doire
Which made things much simpler; he was a ninja and his Hokage wanted him, everything else would wait. I feel this nails the point of being as ninja so well. And he didn't sign Kakashi's name in retaliation. Morally supirior Genma.

Thank you <Off to tell people about this.>

Date: 2008-11-12 10:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] vomit-bunny.livejournal.com
Which made things much simpler; he was a ninja and his Hokage wanted him, everything else would wait. I feel this nails the point of being as ninja so well.

Thanks. That's how I assume the ninja system works. That and a lot of paperwork, briefly interrupted with bouts of killing people in new and exciting ways. It's a simple life really.

Morally supirior Genma.
That made me smile. I'm in the middle of writing a Genma/Kakashi + voyeur!Iruka fic where Genma is anything but "morally superior".

I should finish that... No, no, I should work on my yuletide fic.

Once again... Happy Birthday!


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