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I read the J K Rowling contribution to the Waterstone's "What's Your Story" celebration of the Year of Reading.

Over on JournalFen there was some discussion of a Life on Mars (convergent time-lines, you see) crossover and this is repost of my efforts.

Title: James Potter and the Mancunian Police.
Rating: PG - Green Cortina (swearing)
Characters: Gene and Sam (gen)
Word Count: 333
Warnings: Crack
Notes: Crossover with JKR's Harry Potter Non-prequel (link to a legible transcript), one and half lines lifted from that story.

The speeding motorcycle took the sharp corner...

"Not in my bleedin' city, you don't," Gene Hunt muttered. Swinging the Cortina 'round the turn and inadvertently slamming Sam into the passenger side window.

"Whao!" Sam grabbed hold of the door handle desperately as his DCI steered the car violently down a narrow side street. "This is a dead end, Guv!" he shouted.

Gene flashed him a grin. "I know." 

Slamming on the breaks at the last possible moment the Cortina came to a screeching halt a few feet from the motorcycle and it's two riders.

Sam opened the car door.

"Oi, Tyler," Gene called out angrily. "Mind that bloody paint work."

The two youths watched them in amusement. Gene, in return, watched them with barely concealed contempt.

'We'd have loved to stop for a chat,' said the boy in glasses, 'only we were trying -'

Gene, surprisingly fast on his feet, had slammed the smug southern twonk into the wall before he could finish the sentence. His head knocking loudly against the brickwork.

"Guv," Sam reprimanded.

"What?" Gene asked, letting go of the boy and allowing him slump slowly to the ground "Should've been wearing a helmet."

Sam shook his head in frustration and Gene could feel another 'proper care and humane treatment of suspects' speech coming. Choosing, instead, to ignore his girlie wuss of a DI, he stepped towards the driver of the bike. Gene noted with pride that the poncey git looked a lot less cocky now.

"I'm arresting you for driving without due care and attention," Sam began in the background. "Driving without a helmet, exceeding the--"

"Oh, for god's sake," Gene muttered. He twisted the long haired boy's arm behind his back, forcing him up onto his tiptoes to avoid dislocating his shoulder. "You're nicked!"

"-- you do not have to say anything," Sam continued diligently.

Gene tuned the picky pain out as he pushed the hippie towards the Cortina. "And get a sodding hair cut, ya nancy poof."

The End.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense and back to the pros. Of all the stories I especially loved Neil Gaiman and Tom Stoppard's contributions. Both are definitely well worth a look.

You can find all stories using this link, however to read them you have to have Flash enabled (Damn you Waterstone's, damn you!).
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