Aug. 14th, 2010

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It's never been the quietest of laptops but the noises it's making now are frankly alarming. This isn't the sound of an overworked fan, either (not that the fan isn't overworked, mind); this is a new, exciting graunchy, sound. Like there's grit in the hard drive or the last, guttural, moans of some sort of wildebeest.

The sound is going too, and this is definitely a physical problem. If I lean on the right front corner the sound crackles then stops altogether. Simple, I tell myself, don't lean on that spot. Only, and there's always an only, that's exactly were my hand rests when I'm typing and it takes one tap to lose the sound and a couple of days to get it back. Not that I know why is comes back... in fact I don't want to think about the loose connections that this thing must have inside!

Occasionally it crashes. Not the ubiquitous blue screen of death, just black. Illuminated black, no warning, just black. If I'm lucky it restarts, if I'm not we can spend an afternoon together going round and round in increasingly frustrated circles.

As I said: dying!

But, but I like my laptop! I know it's quirks, I know which keys I have to hit a little harder when I'm typing, I know the magic (non crashing) sequence for starting up the graphics programs. I'm sort of attached to all it's little problems; my laptop isn't prefect, but then neither am I.

I just don't think it's going to last much longer.


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