Jun. 12th, 2008

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It's been rather cold and wet today.

Especially cold and wet once you take into account that it's June.

Anyway, what else would I do on such a grim day but garden? It's not as mad as it sounds.


The rain had loosened up the root systems of most of the weeds and cool air made the whole experience rather refreshing...

I still felt a need for a hearty soup afterward. )

On a more seasonal note the fruit is looking good. Everything seems to have at least set something... with the sad exception of some of the current bushes.

A few of the raspberries and tayberries may even be ripe in the next few days. Tasty.
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I read the J K Rowling contribution to the Waterstone's "What's Your Story" celebration of the Year of Reading.

Over on JournalFen there was some discussion of a Life on Mars (convergent time-lines, you see) crossover and this is repost of my efforts.

Title: James Potter and the Mancunian Police.
Rating: PG - Green Cortina (swearing)
Characters: Gene and Sam (gen)
Word Count: 333
Warnings: Crack
Notes: Crossover with JKR's Harry Potter Non-prequel (link to a legible transcript), one and half lines lifted from that story.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense and back to the pros. Of all the stories I especially loved Neil Gaiman and Tom Stoppard's contributions. Both are definitely well worth a look.

You can find all stories using this link, however to read them you have to have Flash enabled (Damn you Waterstone's, damn you!).


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